Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Feb 15, 2012

I had my compensation discussion yesterday - i'll be getting a 3k raise and $500 extra on top of my target bonus.  I'm all around pretty pleased, especially since i had expected much less.  This should translate to just over $160/month, which is no where near what I had thought would be needed for a second kid (which we were thinking of trying for in the upcoming winter) but will definitely help pay down some debts and add to our buffer.

On the topic of money, thankfully, we've both agreed to use the majority of the bonus to pay down credit card debt and allow us a bit of a buffer, especially since we've got a grand total of $250 in our savings account.  This first year of sema's life has been rough in terms of money, considering we had close to $8000 in savings that we blew through paying for our stupid cars and the incredibly expensive nanny situation that Ira's been so adamant on enforcing.  Luckily, we've given the final day on our babysitter, May 1, as of which date, he'll go do daycare. 

I'd like for my mom to come down for a week to spend with him, mostly to get her off our backs and appease her a bit.  I know she's chomping at the bit a little to spend some time with him, but on of my major hesitations with her is that she likely won't listen to what we want and will pretty much do her own thing.  It's really unfortunate because she MIGHT listen, especially if I were to voice my concerns, but it's creating a pretty big trust gap. 

Also, in regards to my family, it's pretty amazing that Rob and Julie haven't remembered in the least about Sema's birthday, and every time we talk it's about how they're doing, even in the most silly details.  Rob will talk about how sad he is that he can't go with his buddies climbing mountains, or hiking, or how Julie is bored with her work, or whatever it is, and they really don't seem to care much about anything that's going on in our lives.  it seems selfish to complain about, but in all honesty, it's hard to carry on a one-sided relationship.  We've found the same sort of situation with my pocono's family, and anya and john, and a few other people that we're just tired of listening to them complain without much two way interaction.

i just don't seem to have much patience or time for that kind of relationship.

after the whole vanguard thing, i'm a little discouraged to look for jobs.  this is a ridiculous emotion, especially considering it has given me a lot of interview experience, and my discouraged feeling is pretty unwarranted, but because i was so head over heels in love with the job and company and was so convinced i was getting it, it's tough to get back on my feet about the whole thing.  i think, however, that it's given me a better idea about what I want to do, and i've started looking for jobs that are similar in scope to the vanguard one.  There's one at comcast that seems interesting - i've just got to write an amazing cover letter for it.  But cover letters are something i dread. 

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