Monday, February 13, 2012

Feb 13, 2012

hopefully, this will allow me to keep some sanity through the majority of what's going on.  I don't plan on publishing/advertising this in any way, so at least there will be some sort of anonymity, which, in contrast to Smells like Borscht, makes this a little more freeing.  However, I entirely expect that posting here will be infrequent at best, but in all honesty, that's fine.  I'm incredibly busy, and need some kind of grounding rod.

Ira's headed out in a week, and this week will mostly be the first week back into the exercising routine.  This is both exciting and dreadful at the same time, as we're also starting to get swamped with the upcoming weekend HR class that we've signed up for.  There is a relatively significant amount of reading due, along with some silly "reaction" paper which, on top of the SGM class we're taking, is going to be a lot.

The nice thing is that Sema is a little bit more autonomous, and can stand short periods of separation so we can get some chores done, unlike before when one person had to be entirely dedicated to him at all times.  He's walking pretty well, and is beginning to blabber in that way that babies do where the parents have to act as interpreters.  He's already able to say "Spacibo" and dog, and car, and a coupld animal sounds (mostly in russian).  He's also sleeping pretty fully through the night which is a huge relief.

We're presently in a philosophical debate whether or not to put him in his own room.  Since he's almost 13 months now, I think reason is winning out, and Ira will eventually be forced to give in.  We've already moved all the furniture, but it seems she's stalling by now insisting that we paint.  Little does she know that the second I have some free time, i'll be in there painting like Michelangelo to get this thing done with.  He woke up again this morning because i stepped on the floor wrong.  Quickly getting sick of it.

Also quickly getting sick of work - almost nothing is interesting or challenging, and i'm really looking to find something else.  the interview at vanguard was almost a complete disappointment, since I was almost certain I would get the job.  the only positive to that is that I will now be getting the entire portion of my bonus, and will apply the vast majority of it to credit cards, thus seriously dropping our balances.

This week i'll also hear about what the money situation will be at SIG, which will likely be not amazing.  as long as there's at least some minor increase in salary, maybe 2-3k/year (excluding bonus) i'll be at least slightly happy, since i'll be popped over the 50k mark finally.  unfortunately, i've calculated that we're gonna need my salary to be at 65k in order to have the second kid comfortably.  without the vanguard prospects, it seems like that's less likely.  We were originally planning on starting for the second one this upcoming winter, as it would put the kid's birthday sometime in mid summer next year, allowing for Ira to be a bit more comfortable that it was with Sema's birth.  Though if it were a personal decision, i would greatly prefer cold to heat.

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